12:47 EST – Dallas, TX

May 28, 2002

Ok, the flight into Dallas was rather nice. Big DC9 with a lot of room. We flew over all of the cloud cover. The DFW airport isn’t as nice as Memphis’, or even Chattanooga’s for that matter.

Ok, now let me tell you about the place I’m staying! Nice….sweet…I feel completely out-classed. The concierge walked me to my room and asked my plans for lunch. Then a waiter came by 5 minutes later and dropped off a nice pitcher of iced tea…not sweet tea. I’m typing this on an in-house ethernet connection. Seems to go well. The one thing I completely forgot, was to get batteries for my camera. I overlook the pool and wow is this room nice. I should have brought a blazer. I plan on resting up and ditching this jet lag and since they have a car available for me, I might tour about the area.