848am EST – Memphis, Tennessee

May 28, 2002

Ok, things not to do when traveling by air in the U.S.

1.) Wear Blue Jeans….metal/copper rivets set off metal detector

2.) Wear shoes with steel toe….the bottoms of my work shoes ahave metal tips, they made me take them off twice, while the tennis shoes wearing people went on through.

3.) Get up at 3am…to be there at 4am when they state in small letters on the sign at the desk that they arrive at 5am.

My original US Air flight was cancled at the last minute because of a technical problem, and they didn’t have a backup plane for us to go on. So thanks to the staff I would up completely changing my travel plans today, so instead of goign from charlotte to houston and then to Love Field in Dallas, they have me going from Chattanooga to Memphis and then to Dallas Fort-Worth Airport.

The Memphis Hub for Northwest is nice, reminds me more of the United terminal in Chicago. As I type this, it’s 7:50 Memphis time and the Budweiser Beer Garden is packed, Cheers is and the Memphis Blues is too.

In hindsight, a smaller laptop would possibly be better than this Wallstreet…It takes a lot of room in my bag and really weighs me down. I guess if I traveled more on airplanes, a small laptop like the Transmeta-powerd Sony or a Toshiba Librette would make better sense, an iBook is small, but not tiny. Hell, if I could find a laptop that small AND powerful enough to be my main machine, then I would trade this in. I like my 13″ screen on the Wallstreet, but maybe not for travel…..don’t know yet.

I think I saw a Starbucks somewhere near the concord B & C split and might trek back that way

Ok, other thoughs…as Niki and I drove up to the airport at oh dark thirty, there was a security check point. Car was there and I’ll be damned if no one else was. So we wait a few minutes and drive pas the check point and you could not get in….I had to walk into the terminal…it was a farking mess. I got there before the counter workers did.All of their signs talk abotu being open at 4, nope….no one was around then like a flood….around 4:20 all of the damn workers came in…nothing against them….until I’m safely back in Chattanooga, but jeeze people….next time I’m just going to leave from Atlanta eventhough I live 5 minutes away…it’s not worth the hassle.

I was also pulled aside to have someone go through all of my tightly packed bag…he was impressed….

oh my god, I just saw an actual rastifarian….Aparantly the damn Montiego Bay passengers haven’t heard the message that now sounds like a drone. The message about having your own id available.

Ok, I’m going to go check in now….