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May 30, 2002

I think I found something more addictive than crack. It’s Dean & Deluca’s “Chocolate Kona Beans “. Don’t bother trying to look it up, I sure couldn’t find it on their website or on Google. They’re chocolate covered roasted coffee beans and boy are they good. I’m not a coffee drinker, actually I’m not a hot coffee drinker. I like the taste just not the heat. These damn things were in the cash bar and now I’m addict. Let’s see. Chocolate, Caffene, & Sugar.

I can highly suggest that Dallas is a nice place. I went around the area called Uptown Dallas and noticed that it’s really spread out and construction is everywhere. Turtle Creek and parts of Uptown remind me of Alphareta near Atlanta, but it’s someplace I could actually afford a condo on my Chattanooga salary. The housing seems really reasonable and they’re really nice places, a lot nicer than what we have in Chattanooga. A condo in Chattanooga is expensive, while in Dallas it is very reasonable.

I actually wanted to talk more about my day, it was very exciting. Met some new people, had a good breakfast, lunch and dinner and actually met and ate dinner with the author of my new favorite books. Got some great ideas

I am tired and have to pack. My photos for Dallas are here