5.30.2002 @ 12:59 a.m. EST – Hartsfield Airport Atlanta, GA.

June 2, 2002

Well I got completely fsked over by the airport industry. Delta, well Delta sucks. US Air is a completely other story. I’ve had a total of 6 flights scheduled with US Air and I have had all six canceled. Northwest….great….Continental also great. Hartsfield is packed with others in my situation. I’m in the food court, where Wendys is the only thing open past Midnight. There are a few dozen people around me killing time. The cops are killing time as well. I’ve flown a total of 4-5 airlines in the past week and the nicest were the ones I listed as great. Delta employees some of the most unfriendly, snooty people.

My patented “Fun-O-Meter” is sitting on absolute zero, Delta just ruined my day. When a storm delays a flight for a couple of hours no problem, but when the sky is clear and the jet is sitting at the gate (for an hour) you just can’t use that excuse. I would have had to pay for a hotel room, that I really have no money to spend on and I have work and a Doctor’s appointment tomorrow. They wouldn’t put me on a flight until 9am, and wouldn’t even consult other airlines…..US Air scheduled me on three different airlines. Totally unacceptable. I will definitely fly Northwest or Continental from now on.

Niki and her sister are on their way here…..thank you thank you thank you.

5.30.2002 Later… At Home

We finally got in before 6am. Then we had to be at a Doctor’s Appointment at 10:30, so we got a couple of hours sleep. We had other chores after that, so I didn’t get back asleep until 3pm.