Metal Gods

June 5, 2002

eddie.Coming home yesterday, I saw something that just made me speechless….a young african-american teenager, wearing an Iron Maiden T-Shirt. I double checked, and it was a shirt I remember seeing in the 80’s with “Eddie” the Iron Maiden mascot on the front. This was as I drove through an african-american community with other teenagers near the streets. Last time I saw a Maiden T-Shirt was in 1992….the ironic thing is that when I worked at a primarely AA establishment, more young aa people there were into Jane’s Addiction and old school De-La-Soul. Maybe because more white kids are getting into Rap, this one kid decided to listen to the best of British Heavy Metal from the 70s & 80s

Our very generous Chairman took the staff out to lunch today. Really good country place in Ooltewah. But we were about 30 minutes late, there was a medium sized accident, but the biggest delay was with people stopping to look and with people not moving out of the way for emergency vehicles.