telecaster dude

June 6, 2002

Today was one of those days that I really felt productive. I had two ads going out and two other graphics as well. I got all of those out and approved…thank god. I really like Adobe’s InDesign, it’s really a fast way to design ads. If I was using Quark, it would take longer.

I’ve been using the wonderful, four years in the making, Mozilla 1.0. It really renders well and I like it better than IE on OS X. I like every other browser instead of Internet Explorer on OS X. Mozilla seems faster than the RC offerings from the past few weeks.

The OS X mail app is really lacking and I think I might just move to Mozilla mail, but something else is in my plan. In the next month, I will banish all email programs from every computer in my house. All of my other accounts are using webmail systems, and will be using webmail only. It’s on a UNIX-based system and I would expect that the new system would be more virus-proof than Outlook or any other email program on the computers in the Kelley household.