typing for pain

June 7, 2002

I’ve been looking at Movable Type as a replacement for Blogger, I actually have until the end of the month to make a decision. But I started to read Jerry Kindall’s problems with moving MT from his server to another server and I don’t know if I really want to go through that hassle. When I used NewsPro, it was a simple little issue, moving from one host to another. With Blogger, I can at least republish everything from the earliest archive to my latest template to what ever FTP server I have permissions to. Amy , gave a great recommendation for MT and I’ve heard others rec amend pMachine and B2. I also have until the end of the month to move my non-Blogger entries over…so that “Oh Shit!” factor is starting to settle in.

Moving my older entries over to Blogger has been an interesting experience. I’ve been opening up a browser window with Blogger and another in the month I’m archiving. I highlight a day, hit Apple-C or CTRL-C on Windows then move to the Blogger window and do Apple-V or CTRL-V and paste that entry into Blogger. I check the links, and if they’re gone, I open up another window, hit web.archive.org, find that link and swap it out. I then post on blogger for the current date. The setting date portion of Blogger is broken until you reedit your entry, then you can enter whatever date you want. It puts it in your current template, and since Blogger has fixed the archive issue, every time you publish, it updates the older archives as well. The process is slow, and for a small month, takes less than an hour. But the larger months are starting to worry me. When I have any downtime, this is what I’ve been doing. This is the type of chore you do when you have turned off the TV, put the book away, kissed the wife goodnight, and just have 30 minutes to do mind numbing data entry before you go to bed.

The antithesis for doing this, is so I can migrate all of my entries from Blogger if I actually do move to something else. I’m tired of having to manage archives from four different systems.