…wished it didn’t end like that…

June 8, 2002

I’ve been following the story of Martin & Gracia Burnham since I saw their story on 48Hours in January. It now looks like the storyhas finally came to an end .

It’s really sad that the damn Philippino forces can’t even do something that the average American SWAT team could do, make sure that the hostages are alive. On the 48Hours report, they interviewed the commander of the Philippines forces, and he really didn’t want the U.S.’s help and said that the situation would end, “In coming weeks”. That was about 6 months ago. The Abu Sayyaf was using the Burnhams as human shield, as of now, (according to NPR) they’re not sure if the Abu were the killers of Martin Burnham.

There was an update a few weeks ago, and it did mention something that hasn’t come out with this latest news, that a ransom of $300k was paid to release the Burnhams .

Our troops…..the US Troops should have been more than advisers in that situation. Any time an American Citizen is held hostage, we should have the ability to swoop in and get them out. Chances are, we’re better trained than the local troops, and are more prepared. The damn troops sent in, were looking for them for over a year. In that time, we had survelence footage and at least help to train the troops. Hell, one of the survelence drones knew their location.

Perhaps the worse part of this, is the vulturous nature of the Burnham’s mission group. In a section “How you can help the Burnhams”, they suggest you donate to a Philippines Hostage Crisis Fund. How about, writing to you elected officials, to express concern about the US’s hostage situations around the word. How can a mission group help when a government has a lot more vast resources that just sit…unused? As of yesterday, they removed the prayer requests but left the donation page up.

The offical Burnham site , is a vast resource of information and what they are/were doing. It might be put together by the mission group, but it has a lot more information about what was being done.They were only asking for prayer requests….