Much to do and ramble about

June 10, 2002

I’ve been quietly been working on a new project, I’m still sorting things out….I’m evaluating two weblog systems to see if I want to go ahead and use something other than Blogger. I have Movable Type installed, but some errors have caused me to halt my testing. The CPAN file I needs wasn’t available at the time. Once I get it installed, I will test a few things out, and put my team together.

I’m quietly making a list of other people I want to add to my blogrolling list. I started reading about 4 other weblogs, and somehow they made it to my daily visit list. Mena’s journal is a fun read, Jerry’s is interesting too, and the new Blogroots site. I’m also putting together a nice new list of Chattanooga-area webloggers. I know of Justin and Mark, and I would even lunp Dan in there. Any others.?

Right now in Chattanooga, we are in the middle of Riverbend. A large music festival that brings in the best of B & C name entertainment. I don’t really care to see Skynard but I would like to see Nickel Creek on Friday & Tlues Traveler on Wednesday.

Other Links & Bits not worthy (Yet!) of an extended dialogue: – WiFi Mac scanner – Using the AirPort with a PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet version)

I purchased a Palm m100 yesterday and I’m having a hell of a time trying to get it to work with Citrix. I’ll wind up creating a solution for this. It connects to the Mac with no problems. I found a camera that snaps on it, for about $15. You can take simple digital photos with the m100. Great things I might use. It was dirt cheap….under $60 new. I noticed that they are repackaging them for Target as a student PDA.

/end links & bits