Metronet Bad….

June 11, 2002

There is a really good article over at the with Mike from . Mike is also the head of Chugalug . What the article doesn’t say, is that Highertech/ also donates thousands and thousands of dollars of tech services to the area schools and to other organizations. Metronet would pretty much screw the local ISP and the national ones like BellSouth.

Mike’s right, this would do nothing but provide for another DotBomb. This is something Chattanooga should have done in the mid-90’s when the tech sector was booming and all of the young techies in town went to Atlanta for the high paying gigs. There also needs to be more business incentives for moving to Chattanooga….discounting property tax only does so much. The Arts are poorly funded, the schools are complete crap….worst in the south, and there is way too much involvement from people who want to push their social agenda.

Mike & Deb Harrison & Dan Lyke, formed really as a way to get at T-1 to play games on. They ventured out and have one of the best little ISPs in the region. I signed on with them in 1995 and stayed until 2000. They have dealt with dozens of companies who are no longer with us….they know Tech in the area and Metronet is too little too late. EPB and Covista are buddies with some of the local politicians and it’s getting tiresome of hearing on new City dealings with Corker’s friends. Metronet and the possibly take over of WTCI by Chattanooga State are two things that will be bad for the area.