When Barney’s Bullet Dropped a Man.

June 14, 2002

You may remember my entry last month{.liinternal} about the gentleman who allegedly “sneaked” past security and had a bomb at the Airshow. He was charged on impersonating a government official and trespassing. He is an USAF Academy recruiter and the uSAF says he was there on official business. So why then did his charges not only didn’t get dropped, but raised to a higher classification? According to an article on Chattanoogan.com , “The criminal impersonation charge is based on the fact that the man was wearing an Air Force uniform, claiming to be in the military“.

I think the main thing is that our police don’t want to look like a bunch of “Barney Fife’s”. The USAF says he was on official business. He was where he should have been. But they’re pissed because he made them look like they were over reacting.