ahhhh perfection

June 15, 2002

I know I will be gushing about this for the next few weeks, but Nucleus is really a great little program. I figured out how to add two blogs to the same page. It’s really very very simple. I took away the Karma, since I believe in karma personally, I think it’s crap on a weblog. I’ve decided to setup fourblogs like a tiny MetaFilter. Each blog will have the current issue visable on the main page, with a link to the fully story and archives. So each blog will have visability. Right now, I have to also provide a top graphic and tool bar without busting up the template and skins in Nucleus. I could quite easily see this journal moving from Blogger to Nucleus.

My hats off to Wouter Demuynck for developing a great weblog tool that doesn’t add more stress to my life. The only thing I have to comment to Wouter is that the main Nucleuscms.org page is broken in every IEMac browser I use. Where as fourblogs’s main template looks fine.