Feeling gritty

June 16, 2002

Did anyone ever sell Grit ? I remember in the early early 80’s when I was about 7 or 8 seeing one older boy (possibly 10-12) selling Grit outside of the Red Food Store (now BiLo) on Mission Ridge Road. In a MeFi post about the Hostess/Superfriends connection, someone brought this up. I want to say I also remember one other kid selling Grit, but that is a vague and fuzzy memory that is probably not real. Their website is up, but do they still have underage workers…who probably violate U.S. Labor Laws, selling papers? On their website, they say they have been operating since 1882…wow! The design is boring, but keeping with the style, I wish Dean of Textism , would redesign the site. I just looked on the subscription page, and It costs more to get Grit on low cost newsprint than Wired.

The scary thing is, GRIT could almost become hip….with shows like the ones on HGTV and on the Hallmark channel on cable, GRIT could push forward into a new medium. Maybe they will have ads on website, getting kids to approach businesses about buying ad time. “Well golly Mr. Wilson, the Nielson’s show that the GRIT channel has the same demographics as “Martha Stewart’s Living” but with a cheaper CPM and a more targeted audience. All I need is your business, so I can get that neato Sea Monkeys kit.