weekly weakly

June 19, 2002

This was one of those early mornings….very important meeting (IMHO) first thing. So I prepared my notes yesterday and then added a few when I came in. Cleaned my office a bit and setup a couple of browser windows showing what we were going to discuss.

It has actually been a very busy week. The WinME computer is working but has that same problem. So, I’m going over tonight to fix it. I also have another computer with a serial port issue…..another reason why I like PS2 and USB ports. No more IRQ conflicts. And I have a Mac I’m working on, that really needs to go out this week. It’s a PowerComputer PowerWave, like mine, that is being donated to a non-profit. Video went bad so I had to get another card in. I did get an internal ZIP drive out of the deal. I’ve been on a computer so much this week that my wrists are shot….sore.

I’ve lost an average of pound a week since my Doctor’s visit in April. I was 215 in April, and I was at 206 this week….with my big metal Sketchers Work shoes on. I’m not in as good of shape as I was at this time last year, but I was the same weight. I’m a lot more busier this year, and exercise has unfortunately taken a back door. With that, my sugar has risen back to a point where I have to go back on my meds. It’s not too high, and if I start walking my two miles or using the treadmill it should go down to where I won’t need the meds again. I started feeling bad the week after my Dallas trip, so I tried my glucose meter and stuck my finger. It was higher than it should be 300+, so I started my meds again.