carry on my wayward son

June 22, 2002

Somehow my mother imagines me later in life as an aging musician who sits around and plays the best of the 80’s & 90’s in bars like I did in the early 90’s. I really don’t see being 50 at the Rock N’ Country Club playing “Heart Shaped Box” or “Mountain Song”. I miss playing & Niki misses me playing, but the question is, where to play? I don’t have the room or the soundproofing for a drum room. I think I’m going to pull out the electronic pads again, and setup that way….I do need a better sound source. I just want to pull out the ancient 60’s Premier kit, I’ve had for right around 10 years now….I bought it in 1992, my first vintage kit with my own money. I lusted after a Premier kit for about 4 years, until I found one at the former Mike’s Pawn in Chattanooga (Shellllllldon!).