hitting linx

June 24, 2002

Since I didn’t have to work after my 9-5 job, I reloaded OS X on my Wallstreet. I split the drive up into three volumes, one for OS X, one for my Apps and the other for OS 9 and my documents. As soon as it finished, I loaded the 10.1.5 update and the laptop seems faster. Plus, there isn’t as much crap on the system. I don’t need XDarwin or any of the *nix tools right now, so I didn’t load them. I also didn’t load any of my classic apps. My only word processor/editor is BBEdit. I’ll have to load Photoshop soon. I just loaded Opera and instead of CaptainFTP I loaded RBrowser Lite. I finished moving my archive of websites and moved a couple of gigs of MP3s from my Windows box. I actually hated doing some work on the Windows box tonight.