Mexican Restaurants for Dummies

June 25, 2002

tips for dining in an ethnic restaurant.

If you follow these new rules, you won’t look like a moron or a slack-jawed yokel …i.e. someone who goes into McDonalds and orders a Whopper.

– Ranch dressing is an American creation*****{.liinternal}, El Guadalupe’s does not have to stock it or Hamburgers and or Chicken Fingers. You and your kids are at El Guadalupe not Dairy Queen, chicken fingers are not Mexican food…sit down, shut up and order the #5 combination.

– The burrito will not look like the Taco Bell burrito. That does not make it any less tasty. The one you are poking at is made with *hopefully* higher standards.

– That “stuff” is sauce

– Calling the waiter/server “Amigo” will not win you points. Your server will mishear this as, “Por favor, escupida en mi alimento.

– Sit down and eat….tell junior to stop going to the car and returning. Neither you nor I was raised in a barn.

– lather rinse repeat.

I used a Mexican restaurant as an example, you can insert any ethnic dish or stereotypical ethnic restaurant name whenever needed.

* I know how we Americans bastardize our presentation of Mexican cuisine, but I am talking about blaintly U.S. food.