flux compasiter

June 29, 2002

My company, riv@ , is in a state of flux. I can’t decide if I want to close up shop and just contract out of mkelley.net. I’ve thought about going back to the old setup, where when you type in mkelley.net you will see a main screen that has options to view portfolios, web.logs, and anything else I have online. This is something I’ve been really looking into. Each subsite would have a unique design. This weblog would keep the current design where the main site would have another and the business site would have a 3rd, probably taking over the updated design for riv@.

As you can tell, I have been thinking about this. It really opposes my philosophy about personal websites being separated from business site, but I guess my ego doesn’t want to be known as a business but as a name…..my name. I’ve been really wanting to not “pull back the curtain” as much. I’ll talk about my life, but you will have to click a few more times to get to it.