gateway laptops and cheapness

June 30, 2002

There is a nice little lull in the news around here. I’ve been working on

a Gateway laptop for a client, it’s still under warranty so I called

Gateway. I got someone within 2 minutes and had the problem fixed in 30.

They’re shipping parts to me, no questions asked. The laptop sucks, and my

advice is to ebay-it once we get it rebuilt. Niki commented about how much

better the PowerBook looked as far as construction. Said it looked

expensive beside the newer Gateway. I told her that this Gateway was

$4,000 while the PowerBook new was $2,100. Judging by my problems with

Gateway laptops, Tom’s problems with Dell. I will only say that Toshiba

and IBM are the laptops on my PC Recommend list.

In my previous life as a Network Administrator, we had about 100 Toshiba Satellite 75mhz – 166 MHz. We had about a 10% failure rate, which considering that these machines were on 24/7 and being used constantly and adding that the only problems were with the screen…that’s not too bad. I picked up a Toshiba in January, that was originally going to be my main machine. When I decided to move to the Mac, Niki wound up with the machine and hasn’t had a problem with it. I stand by Toshiba laptops, they’re tanks. I’ve seen nurses drop these machines, hit keyboards, and just be rude to them. My old hospital would still be using them, if the software could run on a 120mhz with 16mb of ram and over a 1.2mbit wireless.