Room 101

July 1, 2002

Niki has been doing (it seems like) everyone’s hair from her Physician’s office, so I think they treat her a little more special since they actually see her away from the office. They drop their facade and talk to her like a hair dresser and not a patient. They gossip, they joke, but most of all they become human.

That is the biggest problem in health care today. You can have the largest hospital, but you have to follow-up the care with actual customer service more than any other service industry. You have to humanize this big old place that is called a hospital, so you take away some of the fright. You have to humanize the patients and not treat them like a treatment. That is Mr. Jones in room 333 not the Hip Replacement in 333. You have to make it easier to get around the facility and care for people in a human manner. It all really goes back to usability. I’m going to talk more about health care usability in the coming weeks and months. My job is evolving into that field, with web design, with signage, and on some projects I’m a part of.