July 15, 2002

I had a complete rant going for today’s entry. I really can’t post all of it, so here are the highlights:

these people don't work here

  • Have you ever worked hard on something, only to have someone else bastardise it?
  • Designing a site is a lot harder than opening up FrontPage and putting a giant 75k images on the home page.
  • I may be cocky, but I’m right.
  • I’ll bet that my current web budget is smaller than my old one….about a $40k difference. And you know what else? The new site will have 500,000 visitors by year’s end, what will your site have? Probably not as many as this weblog’s, which is hovering between 30k-35k per year.
  • Nice stock photos of people with smiles on their faces, looking nothing like the actual people who work there.
  • I’m glad I have a PDF and jpeg of the site so the current version doesn’t f-up my portfolio.
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