July 16, 2002

Look at Google’s main page, I noticed a link to their job listings. I looked around and noticed that they’re looking for a media planner . Part of the job is buying global media…interesting….so does this mean that Google is going to have an international Ad campaign like Yahoo! did in the late 90’s? Or is this for their search appliance . Brandling also looks to be a big part, so in my thinking, they’re going for the big picture instead of selling their appliance.

I really don’t want to see a keyboard with the Google logo on it.

One of the reasons I went to Google today, was to check up on the free search capabilities. I use to have it in the old days of this site, but somewhere I took it off. Now I’m looking for a free service like Atomz or a PHP-based search engine to search the thousands of words I’ve typed in the past few years…..