bye bye iTools

July 17, 2002

itoolsI’m listening to Steve Jobs’ keynote, as I work on a project. Here are my notes:

  • Move2Mac very cool. Program to move your files from a PC to a Macintosh for $59…or off of LimeWire for free in 2 weeks 🙂
  • It looks like iTools is no more. It’s now a pay service called .mac…I personally was hoping this was just a rumor.
  • 17″ iMac….very cool, might get one now.
  • Ooh, it’s in a widescreen format too. Like the 22″ Cinema displays
  • iPod for Windows…*yawn* now maybe I can find one at Best Buys instead of those horrid Rio MP3 players. Still too expensive for me.
  • iSync, program where you can sync between a palm, iPod and a cell phone. I think this is Apple’s way of saying NO! to a Newton replacement.
  • No iBooks or Powerbook updates…