Viva [insert state here] !

July 17, 2002

For those thinking about moving to Tennessee, let me bend your ear a little….Since our wonderful state house could not get an Income Tax passed, they raised the sales tax…it’s now up to 9.5% here in Hamilton County. Niki and I have been almost set to stay in Tennessee when we buy a house. This has almost made us change our minds.

Right now, we get no benefit from this sales tax increase. We don’t have kids in school, we rent an apartment, and we drive on roads that suck. If we did have kids, the last place we would send them would be to a Hamilton County school. Our test scores are in the lowest percentile [update as of 7-25-2002: we’re actually the #2 school system in the state and our grades have gone up and we’re above the national percentile…] . But yet we hear the cry of better funding for schools. We spend more than a good percentage of those in the upper 10% of schools in that list.

One of the few things holding me back from saying, “Viva Georgia! Let’s Move!”, is that if Tennessee does get a sales tax, Niki and I would both be charged from Tennessee and Georgia. We would have to pay Georgia Tax for living in the state and Tennessee for working in the state. So are we screwed? Maybe…..I’m hoping a lottery passes, because an Income Tax would be bad for many and really wouldn’t help as much. It did wonders in Georgia, paying for scholarships and higher teacher salaries. Hamilton Co. Schools are losing good teachers to Georgia schools, because of the higher pay and lower student-to-teacher classroom ratios