zum zum

July 20, 2002

I’m typing this from one of the fastest systems I’ve ever built, and it’s a Windows XP Pro system….too bad I sold it. This thing is sweet and it’s faster than my old 333Mhz box, MadCow. I have to ship this out tomorrow. I am really amazed at how much faster this system is. Everything is just popping up. Wow…..I now need to see if this is just as fast in VirtualPC. This box is just a little P2 system, but it is really a smoking system.

1 Hour Later/11:45ish:

I’m checking in with Windows Update and there were over 20 updates, mainly security, since Xp came out. Wow, that is a lot. I wound up installing Mozilla on the Xp system, so I could actually use Windows and not feel like a traitor. XP is like an OS X clone. Not to be a typical Mac Geek here, but XP is the Windows for Mac lovers. Using this fast system, has made me want to check out the G4 upgrades for the Wallstreet Powerbooks. I can afford the G3 500, but not the G4 I really want. – plus I need brakes and tires…..