July 22, 2002

We’re still sore from cleaning and sorting our apartment this weekend. Our second bedroom was originally my office, then I moved it to the living room. Now we moved everything back. I do most of my work on the couch via my laptop and Niki has a laptop she can connect to as well. The only time I need a desk is to scan a photo or burn a CD.

I threw out a bunch of stuff that I’ve had for years….I wanted to hold on to these things, but I never had time. Now they’re either in the “to ebay” pile or “to trash” pile. I’m putting everything from memory, to Music CDs, and soon computers and computer software. I really hate getting rid of some of this junk, but when you see some extra money in the olde PayPal account that more than makes up for it. Aside from shelling out *lots* of money today on new brakes, callipers, and tires, there are other things that I’m going to use that ebay cash for….my Visa bill and the little jar that hold my quarters for buying a G4 500 upgrade for my Wallstreet.