Taste like CARP a.k.a hillary rosen must like corporate greed

July 23, 2002

I had a little side blog at the first of the year, before I started my job, that had a Shoutcast server. This was a radio station I setup where I could listen to what I wanted to, instead of that horrid Creed and Nickleback junk my local station was playing. I had to shut the station down, because I really can’t afford to pay to play. Unfortunately, BIG business is once again telling us what do do with OUR music. It’s very rare that I ask anyone to do anything, but please send a message below to your Reps and Senators.

[Contact your Representative and Senators to

SAVE INTERNET RADIO!](http://www.voiceofwebcasters.org/fax/carp/smallweb/smallwebfax.html)