Using VirtualPC 5 to test websites under Windows.

July 25, 2002

Part of my reinstallation and setup of everything at work, has been to actually setup the system and it’s programs how I usually do. But for VirtualPC I never installed it like I could have. I know better than the install anything about 5.0.2….But I decided to install 7 different VPCs each allowing me to test the web sites I’m developing. Below, I list the PCs and how they are unique.

**Setup**: All of my VirtualPCs (VPCs) are setup to use 128mb of RAM on a 3-5gb Hard Drive. I update each to the lastest version of Windows Update. This may not be a good thing, I might add another Windows 98 with no updates to reflect “typical” users. Each setup is using 800×600 resolution to reflect users. 640×480 is dying out.

1.) Windows 98 SE 1

Stock Windows98 setup with updates from Windows Update. Using stock IE 5 from Windows 98se. Added Netscape 4.74.

2.) Windows 98 SE 2

Same as above but upgraded to IE 6, Netscape 6, and Mozilla 1.0.

3.) Windows 2000 Professional OEM 1

Stock Windows 2k installation with no updates from Windows Update. IE 5 stock.

4.) Windows 2000 Professional OEM 2

Updated with IE 6, Win2k SR2, and latest Windows Updates.

5.) Windows XP Professional 1

Stock XP install with IE 6 and no updates.

6.) Windows XP Professional 2

Updates with Windows Update. SR2 and IE 5.5

7.) RedHat Linux 7.0

Test install of Linux with stock installs of Mozilla, Netscape 4, and Konqueror.