Movable Mike, Voodoo Priest

July 30, 2002

Today, Mark discussed the problems Vincent Flanders had installing Movable Type . I had problems too.

When was being planned, I really wanted to try MT. I downloaded it, printed off the directions and even took the manual on my trip to Dallas. I followed the docs and wasn’t able to get it going for more than 30 minutes at a time, before I had bad errors. I agree with Vincent’s frustrations with MT, and yes the $20 fee for an install isn’t the answer. I’ve installed lots of programs and multiple weblog scripts (some homebrewed and hacked together..asp, perl, php)….MT was the one I couldn’t install. I got fed up and decided to try Nucleus. I had it online in 30 minutes. And It’s ran for weeks without problems. Matter of fact, I’ve installed Nucleus on 4 different servers *nix and NT and didn’t have problems.

Do I have to gut a chicken and dance around red candles to get it working?

When Backup Brain finally moved over to MT, Dori admitted that “MT kicked her butt “. And she is a professional writer of computer books and a programmer. Jerry Kindal even had problems when he moved it from one machine to another. If these two people, who I know have greater programming skills than me, have issues, then how can I ever have the hope of it working? Kottke was able to get it working and so was Mark and Meg …hell, Dave installed it.

Does this mean I won’t try it again? {hangs head down} no….I’m going to test this out on my development server, just to see if I can finally get it working.