movable testing

August 5, 2002

I’m still testing Movable Type. I want to see how hard it would be to break it. I’m still griping about the installation, because about this time last year I had NewsPro/Coronto installed and it really was an easier installation than MT. I would have gone back to NewsPro if it didn’t appear that the community has dried up. MT has a nice little community that has some good information.

In May and June, I converted all of my pre-blogger journal entries into Blogger. I also incorporated the entries when I used other software. One of the reasons, was to keep everything in one place, since it’s easier to import into other programs if you use Blogger. Well, last night I imported all of my Blogger entries into Movable Type. I did what the instructions said, and it didn’t get all of my entries. So, I went to the MT discussion board and hacked with a suggestion that I use the Archives to import into MT. Tried it and it worked great. So my initial suggestion is not to do as the instructions say, but just republish your archives with the suggested template into the import directory. Everything works fine so far.