Boss Blogg

August 8, 2002

I’ve been keeping my work with Movable Type as quiet as I can, kinda. I like the product and I have it going, but damn, if you want to change anything expect to spend some time. While I like the templates Mena designed, I don’t like the menu layout. I like a layout like you see here, menu on the left and content on the right sans calendar. The only time I’ve changed that was for the other parts of….btw, those are changing to a new format. The new template I’m using is a variation on the one I use currently. I dropped one of the DIV tags and moved some of the code around in the html. It’s more simple approach.

I’ve been able to import all of my entries without a lot of issues. Most of my time, has been with the templates. I have the main page looking a-ok, but the archives and comment pages look bad. So I hope to dive in and get those complete soon. So, if you can’t tell. I’ve stopped my bitching about Movable Type and I’m going to eventually migrate to it. It was a hard choice between MT and Nucleus, but for this site MT works better.

I’m working on another site using Nucleus and I can’t wait until 1.5 comes out. Using PHP is just a cool way to manage a website. I can incorpoate some of our other PHP-based programs into Nucleus and it just works. Nucleus works great for the production site and for