Rollin’ Down Highway 41

August 9, 2002

The lazy, hazy, dog days of summer. I really wish I had something of more merit to put online right now, but it’s very boring here. I’m working late and on a couple of projects, while the only excitement we have coming up is a child’s birthday party this weekend. Not to say that we’re not looking forward to it, we really want to go (honestly), but we have this really cool book about traveling the backroads of Georgia and all we’ve done is looked through it.

We’re going to start doing some Sunday drives, using plans from the Georgia Backroads book. I’ve read through part of the book and I’m really excited about going. The tour through the area we live near, doesn’t include some spots we thought should be in there. My In-Laws have been traveling with this book for a while and said that it doesn’t start getting interesting until Chattsworth, about an hour from here.