Version 5.0

August 9, 2002

Hi and welcome to a new version of the site. I’ve moved away from BloggerPro to Movable Type and I actually like it now. It beat me once and I beat it once….we’re equal. I wanted a change in design, and I made a mis-step with my main design, so I’ve got this one 90% completed, and the rest of the site isn’t far behind.

For those who care

The weird design at the top, is a satellite photograph of downtown Chattanooga. The main css file is a newer version of the one I used previously. I removed some of the div tags and made (or try to make) the colors web safe. The stylesheet is CSS validated and Section 508 validated. I’m using HTML instead of XHTML and I haven’t quite tweaked the new design to be HTML validated. The site has been tested in IE for Mac and Windows and Mozilla 1.0.

To the left, you can find my archive and I’m in the process of Categorising (sp?) my past few years of journal entries.