US Airways

August 12, 2002

US Airways Announces Bankruptcy


“The nation’s sixth-largest airline, US Airways said that it had arranged financing to allow it to continue operating while it reorganized, but indicated that its routes and flights would be affected”_

If you kept track of my travels in May & June , you might have caught the blurb about my dislike of some airlines. US Air is the one where I was scheduled to fly on six different times and all six were canceled because of mechanical difficulties or weather conditions.

On the radio this morning, the Morning Press was talking about this and snickering, because if you flew out of Lovell Field on US Air, consider yourself lucky. Because that’s a rare occasion.

So what are they going to do now? Whatever they do, it probably won’t change their service much. I just hope they leave Chattanooga, because the only money they made here was transferring people to Southwest or United.