Baseball or a Fry Cook?

August 15, 2002

We went to another Chattanooga Lookouts game last night. This was the last evening my Mom has access to her company’s skybox. I didn’t realize that the season was almost over. While the skybox is nice, I miss my former company’s box seats. You’re down there with all of the action and you can get into the game. In the skybox, you sit and talk and people watch. And on a rare occasion, eat freely. That’s only when I have access to the Doctor’s skybox…..

I started going to more minor league games after the last strike. These guys in the minor leagues get about $850 a month, that’s minimum wage. They play because they love the game and aspire to the majors. They want to play. Pete Rose Jr. was in town for a couple of months, he is in his 30’s and still hasn’t been in the majors for any long length of time. An occasional apperance here and there, but not a multi-million dollar contract. Pete Jr. and the others simply play as a part to live their dream. I like the games more…

I will stop watching Major League Baseball if they strike. I did it for years after the previous strike, I wouldn’t mind doing it again. We have a nice stadium and a good team locally. So why not support them instead?