The Velvet Weblogs

August 16, 2002

I’ve been following the tales between Matt , Amy , Ben and Henry’s sites, about their lives in Prague in the early 90’s. Reading through all of this I now think, “Damn, I was going to school and doing nothing of merit. I could’a been living in Prague freezing my ass off and having the time of my life”. I’ve been interested in Paval’s administration ever since I saw the Zappa Biography on A&E. That whole time just seems so interesting.

I graduated 10 years ago and most of my friends didn’t ever think of going to Prague or England even…I thought about France at one time, but I was trying to go to school in Boston. Even when I should have graduated college, no one was talking about that. The few writers I know were more worried about getting a job at the smallest papers in North Georgia.