safetyplace pt 2

August 20, 2002

I talked with my former business partner today about firing up again. The idea is to just set it up as a weblog. People can go and find a lot of the information about car, child, and personal safety in one place. We had big plans before, but we want to scale that back and not focus offline. I would be more of the technical person while my associate would be the editor and main contributor…only adding more people when we see fit.

Originally we talked about getting sponsors. With this “reengineering” and reorganization, sponsorships are not what we need to focus on. We just need to get the information out there and build traffic, then we can go down that route……we were running before we could walk. We were in the process of getting our business plan together, trying to get grants, talking details, and planning. Then we just dropped the project. But the smartest thing we did, was to keep the domain. It’s a good idea and it just needs to be worked with and kneaded.

These are just my thoughts on the subject, and as we progress, I’ll add more.