New Addictions?

August 21, 2002

Coca-Cola Co Will Revamp Coke Classic Graphics….

Coke on Aug. 8 confirms it will introduce Diet Vanilla Coke in October (BD 7/26/02). New product’s packaging uses silvery look of both Diet Coke and Diet Coke With Lemon; also incorporates dynamic ribbon (bottom photo). Coke executive says Diet Vanilla Coke will be launched in 20-oz bottles/can multi-packs “plus possibly other packages.” Diet Cherry Coke. Coke also plans to “relaunch” Diet Cherry Coke with new graphics “to bring it back into the Diet Coke fold,” says Coke system executive. Timing likely later this year.

I like the new Vanilla Coke, but I can only drink a quarter of the can, because of the sugar content. So, I really really am glad that they’re making a diet version of it and cherry coke. I’m getting tired of Diet Dr. Pepper.