levothyroid is my friend

August 25, 2002

The quality of my posts are going downhill slightly. My thyroid levels are down…and when they’re down it’s hard to get some of my deeper thoughts and creativity together. My memory is a little off, so for the next few weeks some of my posts will be short.

See for the past month, I’ve been going downhill slightly. When your thyroid levels are low, at least for me, it sneaks up on you. In the back of my mind, I knew something was off. Niki noticed it and I started to notice it. For someone who was known for a photographic memory, it’s hard not remembering at times where you leave your keys among other things.

You lose your concentration, some of your memory, become emotional over little things, and just become tired. It’s not a good thing, but it’s better than it was when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I hate feeling like this. I feel robbed, dammit. Robbed of energy and memory.