It’s always September on the Web

August 26, 2002

via Massive

“_ I can’t see Metafilter coming to a crashing halt. Instead, I can see a gradual decline. _”

I’ve been thinking about this too. I might have a 13k username, but I was a reader for a long time….and one who really wouldn’t post to the Front Page unless it was something really really unique. But today, as I go through the site. I can almost pick out who the newbies are….the high 14k and 15k’s. It almost seems that the newer ones, are a little to eager to post. It’s almost like the September Rush in the early days of the internet….where new users, who don’t quite know the rules, post something inappropriate in a group. Looking for Warez in the alt.kittens group. People will want to run before they can walk, and this is inevitable.

As I write this (August 26th 5pm), of the 14 posts on the front page, 6 are from the 14k group, 4 are in the 10k-13k group and the rest are 10k and under. Is this too much? Are their posts “as good” as the other posts? This has been discussed before .

I think some of the comments and posts have started to have some “suckage”, but if you don’t like the post, then don’t read it. The Israeli/Palestinian threads were some of the most venom-filled posts I’ve read, the recent posts also seen on the NY Times and Fark, are getting old. But, I don’t read either, so it doesn’t matter to me. But if the posts are lackluster, then why can’t the comments bring those up?

Like what Massive’s Adrian was saying about the immigrants on Blue Mars, we should accept these new members with open arms. But, I would suggest something like what has been suggested before, have a MeFi Mentor . Click the link, Shadowkeeper says it better than I could.

Just because I donated money toward the new server, I don’t expect special treatment. I really don’t like the fact that some new members have donated money to gain a login. But it’s Matt’s site. I don’t have to visit, but I enjoy Metafilter. And if he doesn’t want Red-Heads from Tennessee as members, that’s his right. He owns the baseball and bat, and we don’t have to play.

If you want to do something different, then start your own site.