The Plantation Tour (#7)

August 26, 2002

We got out of town this weekend. We were originally going to visit some friends, but decided to take a little tour of Mid-West Georgia, around LaGrange on up to Callaway Gardens, then Warm Springs and to Newman. When Niki was in the hospital, her Mom have us a book about traveling the backroads of Georgia. There are about 15 seperate tours with history and directions. We took some photos along the way, and they’re over at the photo page.

We decided at about 3pm on Saturday to do the tour. So when Niki got home, we hurridly packed our giant suitcase, putting enough clothes for both of us. I packed another bag, with my meds, the book, some directions on how to get to LaGrange, a camera, ad a laptop. We took the laptop, because initially we planning on writing more about the trip. But after working, and my last of sleep the night before, we were pooped. So as I go along, some of my thoughts might be off, since I slept very little this past week AND traveled about 300-400 in a 16 hour period.

So we got in a went down I-75 and hit I-85 via I-285 in Atlanta (The perimiter). Drove a rather nice drive to LaGrange, Georgia. It’s a nice town. Nice and clean. Matter-of-fact, we were looking at jobs there but the end of Saturday because it’s so nice. Checked in to the Jameson Inn (good hotel), and went out to a good dinner. Everyone we met or dealt with was very nice. We didn’t have to deal with some of the crap you have to deal with in Chattanooga. People were just nice.

Next day we woke up and had breakfast and started on the tour. We first went to visit the fountain in the town square. It’s modeled on the fountain at General Lafayette’s estate in France. Very beautiful. Drove down Broad St. and looked at three different former plantations and at LaGrange College.

Monument from Callaway Mills’ employees in honor of mr callaway

Confederate Cemetary

drive to tavern

drive past callaway

missed turn to fdr and found country store and a great view

drove about 5 miles into x and discovered a sleeply little town that wasn’t on our map.

tracked back found fdr enterence

drove down that road for a while, if you go under the bridge then you’ve gone to far

knob was beautiful. where fdr would picnic and use the grill

We missed the little white house and went to the original warm springs pools. it’s a museum now, and we toured around and dipped our hands and for niki her feet into the healing pools. my hand did feel better.

Went back up to the little white house and toured the museum and his home away from home. the muswum was interestign. there were the gifts sent in from around the world, including canes and a beautiful hand woven picture of FDR. It was in black and white and looks like a photo. It was that good. Went to the house and saw the unfinished painting that was being painted when FDr had a stroke. We saw his bed room where he died, his nice library, the beautiful view of the mountains. we then left and got lost again

I should state here, that we met a few people and they were so nice. Helped bring me out of that anti-people mood. we traveled along and according to the book we had to back traack after seeing two things that we shouldn’t have had to back track for. We like the book, don’t get us wrong, but I would like better directions or more abotu LaGrange instead of seeing some dinky little plantation out side of Warm Springs.

It was about 330, went to find a mcd, no signs. went 5mi down a bad road. turned around and decided to go back into warm springs and get gas and continue on our tour and if we found a place to eat, we would eat.

We drove down 316 and the directions were off….and when you discover this and retrace your steps and find what you were suposto find, it really wasn’t worth it. we found a nice church and went down a dirt road to hwy 18. the book said to turn off at the 27/41 connection. we turned left and there were no signs indicating that this was the proper road. and unlike other sections of the chpter, they didnt’ list the local name of the road that was plasted everywhere. So by now I am pissed. We go down this road and find that if we turn continue down this road for about 10 miles, we can turn rigth and get to greenesville. So we go into greensville and find the plantation we were suposto find. It was on the left instead of the right. We drove into the town and just sat to get our barings.

We drove out to find the Gay Connector (insert joke here). We saw a Hardees and pulled over. Like our other stops, everyone was nice. We ate our food and found that the road next to Hardees was teh Gay Connector (snicker). Connected onto anotehr road that took us into the Gay Community. Then we met up with Hwy 85 and on it for miles and miles. then onto 16

we have some nice photos of churches….

once we go to Newman, it started a bad rainstorm. and I couldn’t see the road. We saw some of the nice houses and buildings. But we just drove through and found our way onto I-85 to head back home. We stopped for dinner in Chattanooga and had a rude waitress…..welcome home.