weblog script as a photo gallery?

August 26, 2002

After fretting about uploading dozens of images to my photo gallery via Movable Type, I started searching for a better album management system. I tried about 10-12 total and stayed up until 2am trying to find one that was a.) easy to install b.) worked without a lot of effort c.) auto generated thumbnails. I had a neat little script under ASP, but wanted one PHP or Perl based since I use *nix servers now.

I want a way to move a directory of files via ftp or upload via a web browser, and hit a file on a website and have everything work immediately. I mainly want to be able to click or type in

“install.something” and have it auto detect my server’s settings and letting me know what it needs. Well, I didn’t find anything this easy. If Movable Type works as a photo gallery too, then why can’t a photo gallery script be as easy to install as Nucleus or Movable Type? I tried Gallery, Phpix (1&2), and about 10 others. I finally had to stop.

While Movable Type is a good solution, albeit one that is different from it’s purpose, it gets to be a pain to use as a photo gallery when you have 50 images to upload. I can use a category as an album, but I wish there was one way to mass upload in MT easily. Like I said above, I had one at my previous job but it was in ASP….and I had to tweak that code.