Zoot Allures

August 27, 2002

‘Flaming’ Hendrix guitar for sale

Dweezil Zappa is going to sell one of Hendrix’s burnt guitars. While the article talkes about Frank Zappa’s use of the guitar, I can add a few more little bits from my memory of past FZ or DZ interviews.

FZ really stopped playing guitar and according to Dweezil, he found the guitar a few years later under some Anvil cases with a busted neck and other problems. DZ rebuilt the guitar and it has appeared on the Z albums and other recordings. Photos of the guitar can also be seen in the 1992 magazine “Zappa” and the 1978 interview with FZ in Guitar Player magazine. DZ is also in a (i believe) Zoom Ad with the guitar under the tagline “Guitar Burnt by Hendrix, Played by Zappa, and powered by Zoom”.

Dweezil’s guitar site