“Train Wreck”

August 28, 2002

“Train Wreck” Two words you don’t want to hear from an Ergonomics Specialist in regards to your work area.

So it looks like I will either get a new desk or the addition of a keyboard shelf to my current setup. While in my past few positions, I’ve always had ergonomic workstations…more so than others, I don’t currently. I have wrist guards on my mouse and two on my keyboard. But I like to sit low….so I was asked to raise my work chair and now I feel like I’m floating. I haven’t had any pain issues since I moved to my new office.

The specialist said something about my mouse setup, but I really don’t feel it is an issue. My right arm (mouse hand) is in a comftorable position, but my left is cramped as I have a keyboard pad and a wrist pad supporting my typing. I tend to like my alphabet in front of me with the numerical pad to the side, so my typing angle appears off.

I tend to like small, 84-key non-numeric, keyboards. I have an old Cherry PS/2 keyboard like this, that I now use on my Dreamcast. I like the Happy Hacking keyboards, but they don’t have a built-in mouse either. I don’t like touch pads (even though I use one daily on my PowerBook). My ideal keyboard is one that IBM had a few years ago. It doesn’t have the number pad to the right, like a laptop, and it had a built-in IBM mouse like the ThinkPads, PCkeyboards.com had it available at one point., but expensive (to me). Now I wonder if I could even use this on a Mac via a PS2 to USB converter. I have a wireless keyboard like the IBM clone, but it has a mouse in the upper right corner and was difficult for me to use. I might try it again.


While trying to find who made those IBM touchpoint clones, I found David’s old discussion about keyboards