Igor’s Renderings

August 29, 2002

After experimenting with a couple of designs and scripting ideas, I was asked to put a site together for a local non-profit association. I’m using a lot of CSS, but I’m sticking with tables. I have a feeling that the stats will reflect more Netscape 4 than I really want to deal with. I’m trying to do the site without using graphics as navigational elements. Use the a:hover class to simulate rollovers without javascript and you can almost ditch that old hack. I’ve been testing it out on a new design for fourblogs, but it wasn’t until this new design that I got it to work properly.

Since they’re a non-profit, I’m going to use Movable Type as the CMS. I can set it up like I did for the new mkelley.net page, have categories as the page sections. Works well and if a page needs to be added, I wouldn’t have to do it. Their getting hosting for free, as long as the traffic isn’t too high. I would offer to host it, but that would almost be a conflict of interest, so I won’t.

Usability is a key for this site, so I’m having to really hunker down and watch how I specify my coding. So, I’ve popped open my Nielsen book and Mark’s online book and have my Krug book close at hand.