blond moments

September 3, 2002

I really wish my wonderful wife, Niki, would setup a weblog to tell some of the stories of her daily encounters of working in a beauty salon. She’s a Master Designer, the only one in her salon of about 20+ stylists. The rest are stylists and senior designers. She has a good clientele and does good work. A lot of my friends have become her friends too over the course of a couple of years, as they started going to Niki.

To be honest, she is fed up with her job. She isn’t suffering from the burnout that a lot of stylists deal with, she still likes working with people and cutting hair. She makes good money, but she is having to fight with 20 other stylists for clients in an overstaffed salon. There are other things going on that are just plain stupid and shouldn’t be in a professional office. Those things go on everywhere, but not to this extent.

She received a job offer from another salon. Same pay, better percentage, fewer stylists. She can carry her Master Designer over and charge that over the base cost. Seems to her like a better situation. So we should know soon if she officially gets the job.

She starts her new job today!