September 3, 2002

The title tells what I’ve been doing today. Editing content in Dreamweaver, moving it over to Movable Type, then saving, then rebuilding. Lather, rinse, repeat. I have all kinds of MT trickery going on at my day job. Using it for weblogging is one thing, but it’s a pretty good little Content Management System (CMS). Upload files, integrate with other platforms, update the site in Vegas if I need to. It’s all good.

I threw out most of what I’ve been working on for months. I didn’t throw out the initial concept, but I made some design decisions that would have bit me in the ass later. I sat down, with pencil and paper in hand, and actually sketched out the website. Made a blueprint I can look at and know my specs and all of the css information. One of the things I’m glad I did, was go back and redo everything in XHTML, the successor to HTML. In my master plan, I had the move to XHTML in my 04′ list. Decided to go ahead and do it now, instead of trying to hack it in later. I’m still using tables, but on the XHTML version, I made the layout template smaller than I originally did. I also stopped using a lot of graphics, I’m using CSS for a lot of those type of things.

We have so much going and I can’t really talk about most of it. When that site goes live, I will talk about it here and also add a section to that site too.