Dead Horse

September 6, 2002

A couple of weeks ago, I had a problem with my PowerBook that ultimately killed the power unit. The battery would run the machine, but the AC adapter wouldn’t work. Got a replacement unit and the laptop worked for about a week. So I am at a crossroads….I really dig the Wallstreet Powerbooks, I just don’t want to keep shoveling money into a 4 year-old laptop. While I didn’t mind spending $60 once, I sure as hell don’t want to do it twice. Because I started adding the costs up, I realized I could get a G4/400 upgrade for my PowerComputing system for the same price I spent on the Wallstreet G3/250……. half of the cost is equal of two power units off of eBay. So reluctantly I’m going back to a desktop machine. I’m salvaging the CD-RW and the 20gb Drive, and selling the parts on eBay to fund a new, not used G4 upgrade.