September 6, 2002

I just realized that I didn’t talk about two of our latest trips. One is currently in “draft” mode, while I recheck our guide book for notes I don’t have memorized. The second was our trip this past Labor Day weekend to Atlanta to visit our friends Phil and Julie.

We had a really busy weekend. Eating better than we should have and having a lot of fun. On Saturday, we wound up watching “Oceans 11”. That wasn’t a bad movie and showed a lot of where we are going in November, the Beliago hotel. Sunday we went to the Discover Mills outlet mall, where we walked our asses off. Nice place. We came home to a nice small meal and watched “Smokey and the Bandit”. It was odd watching this movie as an adult. And it really was good. On Monday we went to the “World of Coke” where we saw many different ads from Coca-Cola around the World and how Coke was made. We also were able to taste some international Coke products. I must say that Italy’s “Beverly” sucked. Reminded me of grappa. Nothing like a carbonated, seemingly flamable, drink to make you wish for a Diet Coke. I liked the rasberry Fanta and the melon flavored Mello-Yello from Asia. I have some photos from the Coke tour, but they’re stuck on my dead laptop.

All in all it was a good trip and we hope to do it again soon.