Wearing a Turban in a room of Stetsons

September 11, 2002

I finally had to get away from the television. Everywhere I turned the channel there was more 9/11 than you could shake a stick at. Niki was off today and said that she was crying from all of the coverage. She has been reading the “Lets Roll” book and it’s just all too much. It’s a horrible thing, people died, we are fighting in what I’m afraid will become a holy war. But damn, it just gets sickening after a while.

We talked about everything going on tonight. And we both said something to the effect of “Why do they hate us?” The one word that keeps popping up, I even saw a Japanese goverment member use the term, “Cowboys”. They think we’re all a bunch of f-ing cowboys.

They have this John Wayne/Coca-Cola/Apple Pie image of what we are. They don’t see us as being a safe harbor for freedom. They see us as clowns. They see us as Homer Simpson. But they also think that we’re buildings. They believed that by crashing a f-ing plane into a building that we would be brought to our knees. But I guess this is where the “Cowboy” mentality comes in….we dust ourselves off and get back on that horse and ride along our trail. We’re not Homer or John Wayne but Roy Rogers. Eternal white hat looking for the next damsil to rescue, the next bad guy to foil, and the next song to sing.

Like it or not we are part of a global community. We are always going to accept foreigners, we are always going to seem gung-ho when something happens, and we are always going to pull for the underdog. But, we’re not going to lie down and take a beating.